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  • Specialized Municipal Services

  • Active Transportation

Project Description:

After a pedestrian was killed by a train in 2015 and another pedestrian was killed by a train in 2016 at the McCarver Railroad Crossing in Old Tacoma, the need for improved railroad crossings in Tacoma became extremely apparent. The City of Tacoma is working with BNSF and PH Consulting to create safer railroad crossings in Tacoma. The McCarver railroad crossing now has pedestrian gates, a wayside horn, additional signage, and more fencing to help ensure pedestrians and vehicles alike stay safe. 

PH Consulting provided the following scope:

  • Conceptual designs for at and above grade crossings, including medians, four quadrant gates, pedestrian elevators, pedestrian bridges, and full grade bridge crossings. 

  • A cost-benefit analysis of all feasible options

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